Welcome to my kitchen, a place where I create, nurture and nourish and that has added up to an awful lot of time over my 33 years of married life.  I am a registered dietitian.  I am a food writer.  I am a mother of five and Nana to Ollie Knight.  I am wife to Michael, my mountain man who brought me to Boise, Idaho over 30 years ago from Southern California.  Little did I know how much I’d fall in love with this slice of heaven.  What a great place to raise active, creative, athletic kids.

Here’s the Mob:

Ollie Baby Blessing Jan 2016

(From L to R) Abigail, Madison, me, Michael, Meegan (daughter-in-law) holding grandbaby Ollie, Parker, Meredith, Bjorn (boyfriend), Tanner

Why a food blog?  I’ve been all over the board in my nutrition career from a bustling weight loss surgery clinic to a successful private consulting practice to national magazine recipe development to weekly television cooking segments.  Someone said I should write a food blog and share my experiences, my recipes, my nutrition insights.  I’ve learned so much over the years and this I know to be true:  there are a lot of beliefs about what to eat, but few truths.  We do the best we can with the current scientific information out there.  We interpret the data but winds blow every day and we’re faced with dilemmas.  I’ll try to sort some of this out for you.

I’m a big believer in plant-based eating including healthy whole grains, colorful fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy oils.  I include lean proteins of both plant and animal origins.  And of course, I find ways to add a sweet goodie now and then.  When I wrote for Cooking Light and Weight Watcher’s magazines and cookbooks I loved the creative outlet it offered me to bring together my nutrition expertise with tasty recipes.  It feels good to be back.

Thanks for stopping by and please don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason:  karen@insidekarenskitchen.com